Introduction of spray gun

Paint spray gun, as the name suggests, “spray” means spray paint, and “paint” means paint, which means paint. Spray gun is a tool for spraying paint, used for surface treatment of products, and is a kind of painting equipment. It uses compressed air to atomize the paint into tiny paint droplets, which are sprayed onto the coating surface under the action of airflow. It is mainly composed of nozzle, nozzle, needle valve and gun body. At the same time, external air pressure devices such as external pressure tanks and pressures are required. Compared with traditional manual painting, the spray gun is more time-saving and more beautiful. The efficiency is 5-10 times higher than brush painting, and the coating film is fine and smooth.

Paint spray guns are classified according to their characteristics, methods of use and principles.
According to the type of use, it can be divided into, electric spray gun, and manual spray gun. The classification of manual spray guns is mainly classified according to different working principles, such as gravity, pressure feeding, suction and so on. Equations and so on.

According to different functions, paint spray guns can be divided into electrostatic spray guns and high-pressure spray guns. The electrostatic spray gun is a new product improved on the basis of the traditional high-pressure air spray gun. It adopts advanced technical theory and slowly expands new products. Convenient operation, good atomization effect, safer and less paint. The electrostatic spray gun has one more electrostatic generator than the high-pressure air spray gun, which will generate positive or negative charges. The voltage is higher, generally above tens of kilovolts, but the current is very small; the condition of the electrostatic spray gun when spraying is that the paint has a certain degree of conductivity , The workpiece to be sprayed must have conductivity to exert its electrostatic effect and advantages; the electrostatic spray gun is designed with the physical principle of attraction of opposite sex, which is more fuel-efficient than traditional high-pressure air guns and improves the coating. Installation efficiency.



Post time: Sep-26-2021